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Floral Style Penny Boards

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About the Floral Style Penny Board 22" Penny Board

The floral style penny boards have an array of flower pattern all around the board. 

Wheels and Bearings
These 59mm 83A wheels are great for cruising! Just soft enough that you feel in complete control on the nimble 22” board, yet fast enough for you to pick up some serious speed and have a blast doing it. The floral penny boards also come standard with solid bearings to provide your Penny with the durability needed to skate every day.

Trucks and Cushions
The floral penny board trucks are made from high-quality aluminum construction which keeps your Penny light, strong, and ready to shred. The 83A cushions are perfect for carving and by tightening or loosening the kingpin you can adjust it to fit your riding style.

The 22" Floral Penny Board features black high tensile deck bolts. 

- 22" plastic cruiser 
- Classic waffle top non-slip deck 
- Quality silver stainless steel bearings 
- Silver high tensile bolts
- 3 inch aluminum truck with powder-coated finish
- 59mm, 83A wheels for a smooth ride 
- 83A cushions 


- 1 year manufacturing warranty