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The History of Kick Push Skate

Kick Push Skate was started in 2016 based off two individuals who simply fell in love with penny boards and the positive lifestyle of cruising and enjoying life. There is just something about penny boards, mini cruisers, and longboards that just portrays a simple smooth easy going lifestyle that we wish the world had more of. We always look for excuses to go out and cruise through the streets of our local neighborhood or downtown. 


It is such an important time in our country to stand up for what is right. 

In an effort to help support and supply the huge demand of peaceful protests we are hand making beanies and designing shirts. Anything that is noted as 'handmade' will take 1-2 weeks to make and we are offering free shipping for all of our #marchon inspired attire and items. We have knitters and seamstresses across the country that are literally working day to night to make sure you have your beanie for your march/rally!

Have questions or want to make a bulk order? Email to get our group and team discounts for orders over 10. 

Know what we mean?

Whether you are skating on a longboard or penny board, to us it means you are finding time in your hectic day to enjoy the moment. That’s what it’s really about for us. A penny board at the end of the day is a just a tool used to enjoy life. When we started first looking to buy a penny board and longboard we were astonished by the prices!

“Why are penny boards and longboards so expensive!?"
- Said Every Shopper

Where to Buy Penny Boards?

Seriously though... you would think because penny boards are tinier than skate boards the prices would be too! One of the biggest inspirations for starting Kick Push Skate was to create affordable penny boards and longboards that maintain the amazing quality known to the industry. Even though our headquarters is in Cedar Rapids - Iowa, to give YOU the best prices at the best quality we use different manufactures to make our designs from USA to Germany.  

It's clear to see that you are in good hands.

If you need any help at all shopping for the right board or any of our clothing styles please let us know! We are here to help you select the best gear and outfits for enjoying life and living in the moment.


- Team Kick Push Skate