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Handmade Caffeine Wood Cruiser

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About the Caffeine Wood Cruiser Nickel Board

The caffeine wood cruiser nickel board is a classic style cruiser deck inspired by the "street surfers" of the 50's and 60's. Surfers and skaters alike will be able to enjoy this board. The wood nickel board features a retro-inspired compact shape on a comfortably wide deck. I have hand crafted each board that I sell to fulfill the needs of old school stylists and to ensure the highest quality.

• 23"L x 8"W
• Wheelbase at 13"
• 5/8" thick flat deck
• Oak and maple pressed veneers
• 3" raw finish trucks
• ABEC 5 bearings
• Wheels: Atobe 59mm white wheels pictured
• 1/8" risers
-If you would like to order the deck only, feel free to send us a message!