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Handmade Wooden Longboard Medusa

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About the Medusa Handmade Wooden Longboard

The Medusa is a best seller since 2013 and one of our favorite shapes to ride. It's a great pool deck and an all-around gnarly longboard.

The Medusa has an eye-catching swallowtail coffin shape, and has our classic Turquoise Racer finish. Each Medusa is 38"x10" with a 26" wheelbase. Very roomy deck, but not the least bit bulky and so easy to maneuver. The Medusa is popular with street cruisers, but it makes a gnarly old school pool/vert board too. The Medusa would be a great board for someone new to skateboarding looking for an easy-to-balance ride, or a college cruiser who needs to make it to class from G Lot in less than ten years, or any vintage-lover who *needs* the skateboard no one else has.


-38"L x 10"W (if you'd like a longer or shorter deck, contact us)
-26" wheelbase
-5/8" thick flat deck
-Oak and maple pressed veneers
-Turquoise Racer finish, our ultra bright turquoise sliced by two golden oak stripes
-Complete ships assembled, ready to ride right out of the box, includes trucks, wheels, bearings, risers, hardware, and grip.
-If you would like to order the deck only, feel free to send us a message!