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Where to Buy Penny Boards Top 5 Places

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Where to Buy Penny Boards Top 5 Places

Penny boards (mini cruisers) are an awesome fun miniature skate board made out of plastic typically 22 inches in length. There tiny, compact, and loads of fun. Not to mention they make your Instagram instantly cool when you snap a photo with one.
where to buy penny board 

Penny Boards are made out of plastic and for that reason there a lot of places that you can buy Penny Boards. Not all penny boards are created equal, and the last thing you want to do is buy a cheap penny board made in China and have it break in a matter weeks. That’s why we found our the best places to buy penny boards so you can feel confident in buying the right penny board. 

In no particular order, here is the best places on where to buy a penny board online.

Best Places to Buy Penny Boards

Yes. This is our shop. We are based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, one of the best manufacturing states in the USA and make the most of our penny boards in our warehouse. One of the reasons we started Kick Push Skate is to make affordable penny boards. With Companies like Penny Skateboards charging as much as $150 for a board, we wanted to offer a cheaper cost to penny boards while maintaining the same quality. We have penny boards that range from $40-80 dollars. 

Tillys is a cool skateboard, surf, and snowboard store. Tillys has always been super trend.

Zumiez is another active sportswear store and is known to carry bright colored penny boards. 

Penny Skateboards have a HUGE selection of option but they are incredibly over priced. It’s hard to justify the cost of spending $150 on a piece of plastic with wheels. Is having Penny on your board really worth that much?


Tactics also have a pretty big selection of penny boards and mini cruisers and are a little on the pricey end of things but not as expensive as Penny Skate Boards