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How Much Are Penny Boards

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How Much Are Penny Boards

how much do penny board cost

How Much Do Penny Boards Cost?

Penny Boards, otherwise known as mini cruisers, have a range of prices depending on the manufacturer and brand. If you’re just learning about what a penny board is than something you’ll want to know is that a Penny Board is a style of board defined as being tiny, 22 inches to be exact, and made of a plastic deck.  There is a company called Penny Skateboards which is a brand of Penny Boards. Branded Penny Boards that have the logo or emblem of Penny are expensive typically ranging around $140 or more. If having the words 'penny' embroidered to you give you enough incentive to want to spend an extra $80 on a piece of plastic then by all means go ahead! For the smarter shopper there are plenty of awesome quality penny style boards to choose from that don't break the bank.

If you are looking for a quality Penny Board that isn’t going to cost an arm and leg like the ones from Penny Skate Boards than you typically want to make sure that the Penny Board isn’t manufactured in China. The best way to tell without asking is to simply look at the price. If you see Penny Boards listed for $20 or less it typically means that the penny board quality will be pretty poor. 
penny board costs
The last thing you want is to be cruising down the street in your cute or cool penny board while people watch and adore you to have it crack in half and make you crash.

Our Penny Boards and Mini Cruisers here at Kick Push Skate are made in the USA and Germany. We make sure every Penny Board is up to standard for a smooth quality ride and have affordable penny boards in the $50 range

If you have any questions about how much penny boards cost and where to buy penny boards don’t be shy… we are here to help!